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Research continues to confirm that the smaller your waist the healthier you are and the longer you will live!

The Macs have been practicing anti-aging and health optimization for nearly thirty-five years. During that time they have been researching, developing and teaching their protocols to thousands of doctors and patients. The Photo above was taken in 2014 while on one of their many hikes. Dr. Mac is nearly 60 years old and Vicky Mac is nearly 50 years old!

Mission Statement

The Macs' Mission is really simple. They need to detoxify your body of the harmful chemical toxins found in your environment and food. They then need to replenish your body with pure clean God-made sustenances. They want to make you a poster board for God! God made vs man made. It is that simple. By optimizing your health, others will want to optimize their health. Non-optimal Health is an epidemic. It is caused by MAN-MADE SUSTENANCE! IT CAN BE TREATED WITH GOD MADE SUSTENANCE! 

The Macs have developed a four-step

Health Optimization Protocol called:

"The HOPE Protocol"

  1. Hormone Optimization: You must optimize your hormones to more youthful levels and maintain those levels.

  2. Organic Sustenance: You must lose your excess weight/waist by eating a Whole Food, Plant Based, God-made, Real "Organic" Food Diet and maintain that loss.

  3. Purge Toxins: You must optimize your cells through a cellular detoxification protocol.

  4. Education: The Macs have put into place an E-Coaching system that not only guides you to an optimized life, but teaches you to become a Life Optimizer as well. This is their true mission. They want to educate you so that you can educate others.


The Mac's Protocol is called The HOPE Protocol for the reason explained. In their definition of HOPE, there is no maybe. The Macs define HOPE as confident expectation. They are confident that if you let them guide you, they will have you looking great and feeling great within six months.

They have confident expectation that you will optimize your health and life through The HOPE Protocol, but you must be ready to do what they ask of you! It will not be easy. They will ask for you to make major lifestyle changes. That is why they have many apply for their protocol, but only a few are accepted.

The Macs are experts in some conditions but not all conditions. Their typical client is either a man or woman whose health is non-optimal because he or she is:

  • Hormonally Challenged
  • Weight Loss Resistant
  • Inflamed
  • Lacking a Coach

If you do not like the way you look or feel, but your doctor tells you that you are normal, because your 'blood work is normal,' then you need the Macs. If your doctor is giving you medication, but your symptoms have not been resolved, then you need the Macs. If the doctor has prescribed or recommended anti-psychotic medications, but you know that you are sane, then you need the Macs.

The Macs practice a combination of Anti-Aging Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine. What this means is that they optimize your hormones, they optimize your diet, and they reduce inflammation at the cellular level. This will give you back your motivation, increase longevity, improve capability, and give you knowledge to accomplish God's given personal purpose.

The Macs are health and life coaches for celebrities, professional athletes, other physicians and people throughout the Untied States and many other countries.

"You must be able to leave the old self behind
to become who you are meant to be."

This is how their protocol works!


The Macs only accept cases that they know they can help. There are three routes you can take to become a client of the Macs.

  • You can register for a group presentation
  • You can register for a webinar
  • You can be pre-qualified by the Mac's nurses for a private Presentation

If You would like to have a private consultation with The Macs, you must be pre-qualified by one of their nurses. Call and tell the nurse that you would like to schedule a private consultation. 




The HOPE Protocol



"Improve vitality to youthful optimal levels"

The first step of The HOPE Protocol involves optimizing your hormones to youthful invigorating levels. As we inflame and age, our hormones become imbalanced and or deficient. The Macs have found that if you balance and raise your hormone levels, you will not only start to feel as you did at a younger age but your body will start being younger. Your metabolism will increase and you will become more vibrant, more alive and more motivated to live life to its fullest.

They ease your hormones to a more youthful level through a multitude of treatments. They begin by using small doses of all natural bioidentical hormones. As your body heals utilizing all the components of The HOPE Protocol, you will need to supplement your hormones less and less until you may not need hormones at all.

They begin with your fat storing and fat burning hormones. This includes thyroid, insulin, glucagon and leptin. They also balance your sex hormones during this level. They reduce the fat storing hormone levels and increase the fat burning hormone levels. This will give you back your ability to lose weight. Right from the beginning, The Macs reset their clients thyroids and most of their clients control and eliminate diabetes. 

On the next level of The HOPE Protocol, they will optimize your sex hormones. This will not only increase your sex drive, but also your drive for life. You will retrieve the motivation for all activities. They measure your hormone levels and use a combination of "natural" treatments to balance your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

They next balance and optimize your precursor hormones, pregnenolone, DHEA, and melatonin.

They then balance and optimize your anti-aging hormones like growth hormone and oxytocin levels. Browse through their hormone pages located on this website to learn more about Bioidentical Hormones and how the Macs use them to assist in life optimization. 

If you know that you are hormonally challenged, call us immediately!

If you have thyroid problems, are diabetes or suffer from auto-immune disease!

You especially call!

Dr. Mac specializes in "natural" hormone therapy!

Call 1-800-788-7454 and prequalify yourself for a private consult with Dr. Mac.

If you are not sure if you are hormonally challenged, take a hormone self test by

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The second step of The HOPE Protocol involves transforming you from "The Great American Diet" of Sugar, Salt, Bad Fats and Man-made food to The HOPE Diet of no sugar, the right salts, the best fats and God-made food.

The HOPE Diet is filled with micronutrients, fiber, it is gluten free, and has you consume the right lean animal proteins. The goal of The HOPE Diet is to achieve a height to waist ratio that statistically improves your odds for living long and finishing strong. 

The HOPE Diet is not a caloric restricted diet. It is a food restricted diet. There is no counting of calories. The Macs have you eat foods that are filled with what God intended food to have within it. 

The Heart and soul of their diet is removing non-organic (man-made) sustenance from your life and replacing it with organic (God-made) sustenance. It is that simple. 

Their primary purpose is to drop your insulin levels and activate glucagon and to decrease cellular inflammation.

"Inflammation is most likely going to be the cause of your death!"

The HOPE Diet has three major steps. First, lose the fat! Second, Heal the cell! Third, Maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle of eating!


If you know that you are weight challenged, call us immediately!

Vicky Mac specializes in "organic" diet!

Call 1-800-788-7454 and prequalify yourself for a private consult with The Macs.

If you are not sure and want more information, read our e-book

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Rid the Body and Environment of all Toxins

Detoxification and Liver Optimization

The next component of The HOPE Protocol is to detoxify and purify your body. The Macs use a system developed by their mentor and friend Dr. Daniel Pompa.

Remove the Source – The primary culprits of inflammation are sugars, bad fats and toxins.Our diet program takes care of the first two, but this system takes care of the toxins. The toxins we are referring to here are heavy metals, biotoxins, and environmental toxins. We must remove the upstream source or any detoxification is futile. If we rid your body of poison but you keep drinking poison, what good is that?

Regenerate the Cell Membrane – Intelligence lies within the cell's membrane. The membrane is the cells five senses. It listens, sees, feels, tastes, and smells. As inflammation attacks the cell's membrane, nutrients cannot flow easily into the cell and toxins cannot flow easily out of the cell. This creates a toxic cell. The Macs call this Toxic Cell Syndrome. The receptor sites located on the cell's membrane begin to die. That is the same as becoming blind, deaf and handless. the communication to the outside world becomes silent. 

Restore Cellular Energy – As nutrients flow into the cell, they fuel the motors of your cells within the mitochondria. These motors make ATP, recall that from biology 101? Without adequate production of ATP, our cells are unable to detoxify or regenerate properly. This is where all your energy comes from. 

Reduce Inflammation – As mentioned inflammation is caused by: overconsumption of refined sugar and grains, bad fats and toxins from food sources, cosmetics, air pollution, toxic cleaning products and more. Needless to say, inflammation and oxidative stress can wreak havoc and is at the root cause of all disease processes that the Macs see.

"Inflammation is most likely going to be the cause of your death!"

Reestablish Methylation – Our bodies need a special molecule called a methyl group. Methyl groups turn stress hormones on and off. If depleted, our body stays in a constant state of stress. Methylation is important in our body's ability to detoxify, to protect our DNA, hormone metabolism and epigenetics. Epigenetics is how our genes talk to your body.

Optimize The Liver

The Macs have added one more component to Dr. Pompa's 5 R system. They pay special attention to the liver. Your liver controls fat burning so it needs to be functioning optimally. We do this through liver optimizing nutraceuticals. The liver is in-charge of fat burning. We have bad livers due to years of abuse. Remember the liver is our filter for all things that enter the body. It is also in-charge of nearly all our fat burning hormones. We must optimize the liver!


If you know that you are toxic, call us immediately!

The Macs specialize in Detoxification!

Call 1-800-788-7454 and prequalify yourself for a private consult with The Macs.

If you want more information about cellular detoxification and healing

Watch Dr. Pompa's Video by clicking on the button below!


Dr. Pompa's Removing the Source Video



Become Healthy and Succeed through our Knowledge

I have had people tell me, but I can purchase that at Amazon. Yes you can! You can also purchase a scalpel on amazon. Does that mean you can perform open heart surgery?
The Macs in no way think what they do can be likened to open heart surgery. They know that what they do can keep you from having open heart surgery.
If you want to look better, feel younger, and be healthy, you will need coaches that have done that to themselves and thousands of others. The Macs will be your personal coaches. They will take you from where you are to where you want to be.
Because of their unique low dose hormone formulas and their diet protocols, The HOPE Protocol for weight-loss, hormone optimization and cellular detoxification can all be done either online or in office.


Hormones • Organics • Purges • Education


If you are interested in living long and finishing strong, The Mas invite you to browse through their website. When you begin The HOPE Protocol, you will have committed yourself to a more youthful life and lifestyle.

They invite you to meet them. they are a casual, fun, passionate couple. They are all about improving everyone's quality of lives. Most importantly listen to their past patients. They are their walking billboards. If you need a little more information, this website is a good starting point. Read the pages that interest you and then call 1-800-788-7454 to see if qualify for their program. If you feel like you are not getting everything out of life that you should, and your doctors are telling you that there is nothing wrong with you, or your doctor's method is just not working, then you need to look into The HOPE Protocol. This protocol brings health back by allowing God's given healing power that exists within each cell to do its purpose, heal you!

Call 1-800-788-7454 Today!

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The Macs are Internationally Known Health Optimization Coaches. They are certified in anti-aging, nutritional and functional medicine. They have chosen careers that specialize in weight loss, hormone optimization and cellular detoxification because they believe that this is their God-given purpose. The Macs believe that God's only physical gift to you is your body. If God came today and gave us a rock, we would treat it like the Mona Lisa or The Crown Jewels. In most cases, we treat our cars better than our bodies. This is a shame. Our bodies are priceless and The Macs will teach and train you to treat them with the respect a gift from God deserves.

The Mac Institutes are our physical locations. They are integrative medical clinics that have Medical Doctors, Natural Doctors and Chiropractors on staff. The Macs are a husband and wife team whose mission in life is to spread the word of God-made over man-made sustenances.

Due to their busy schedule caused by a great demand for their services, you must first schedule a phone consult. If they feel that they can help you, then a physical/virtual one on one consult can be scheduled. It may take weeks to receive an appointment, so please call today to begin the process.

Lab Work

The Macs use a variety of tests. You can expect to have some tests performed before meeting them. The Macs understand that many of their clients live long distances; therefore, they have acquired tests that can be done in the convenience of your own home by you. 


Call 1-800-788-7454 to schedule your phone consult with The Macs!

 There is no obligation!

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Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the The HOPE Protocol. The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. This highly depends on the adherence their nutrition plan as well as following the instructions from The Mac Team.  

No prescriptions or treatments will be given unless a clinical need exists based on an examination, any necessary testing or lab work, a medical consultation and a current medical history.

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We do not assume any liability for the information contained within this website, be it direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or otherwise. Further, we will provide no prescription unless a clinical need exists based on required examinations, testing, lab work, medical consultation and current medical history, either through patient’s personal physician or The Mac Institute, our medical staff or medical associates. Please note: Should you agree to have lab work performed, that alone does not automatically qualify you or any other patient to clinical necessity or a prescription.


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