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The Waist Reducing System that Improves Health and Longevity!

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Research continues to confirm that the smaller your waist the healthier you are and the longer you will live!

The Macs have been practicing anti-aging and health optimization for over thirty years. During that time they have been researching, developing and teaching their protocols to thousands of doctors and patients. 

Mission Statement

The Macs' Mission is really simple. They need to detoxify your body of the harmful chemical toxins found in your environment and food. They then need to replenish your body with pure, clean, God-made sustenances. They want to make you a posterboard for God! God made vs man made. it is that simple. By optimizing your health, others will want to optimize their health. Non-optimal Health is an epidemic. It is caused by MAN-MADE SUSTENANCE! IT CAN BE TREATED WITH GOD MADE SUSTENANCE! 

The Macs have put together a simple quick-start three-step Health Optimization Protocol.

  • You must first lose your excess weight/waist by eating a Whole Food, Plant Based, God-made, Real Food Diet and maintain that loss.
  • You must also optimize your hormones to more youthful levels and maintain those levels using bio-identical hormones.
  • You must next optimize your cells through a cellular detoxification protocol.
Because of our unique low dose formulas and protocols, The Mac Protocols for both waist loss, hormone optimization and celluar detoxification can be done either online or in office.
As a community service, The Macs are offering a very special Life Optimization workshop at no cost to the next 10 registrants. It will be held at The Springfield Suites in Modesto on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 5:30 pm. There is limited seating so please register early.


The HOPE Diet


"A Rapid Weight Loss System"

The first step in any health optimization program involves achieving a height to waist ratio that statistically improves your odds for living long and finishing strong. We have developed a diet made up of five components and five phases. We first optimize your hormones utilizing natural hormones. This will increase your metabolism and rid you of that nasty new syndrome called weight loss resistance, which is defined as the inability to lose weight no matter what you do. We then unlock the door to your stored fats and consume the bad fats while leaving the good fats nearly untouched. We then break you of the habit of eating "The Great American Diet" of sugar, salt and fat and replace that habit with a new habit of eating a diet made up of God-made food. We next detoxify and purify your body by utilizing our special whole food plant based organic micronutrient dense diet and alkaline water and detoxifying vegetables. Lastly we optimize your liver. Your liver controls fat burning so it needs to be functioning optimally. We do this through injectable and non-injectable liver optimizing nutraceuticals. You can read about our very popular diet on the next few web pages. The Mac's have opened seven clinics throughout Northern California over the last three years. These clinics have attracted patients from all over the world, including celebrities, professional athletes and physicians. 


Because of our unique low dose formulas and protocols, The Mac Protocols for both waist loss and hormone optimization can be done either online or in office.

The Mac Hormone Optimization Program



"Improve vitality to youthful optimal levels"

The second step of The Mac quick-start Health Optimization Protocol involves optimizing your hormones to youthful invigorating levels. As we age our hormones decrease. We have found that if you raise your hormone levels you will start to feel as you did at a younger age. You will become more vibrant, more alive and more motivated to live life to its fullest. We use a four tier protocol that eases your hormones to a more youthful level. We do this by beginning with minimal doses and slowly increasing your doses until your symptoms are minimized. We recommend using only natural compounded bioidentical hormones. We will measure your hormones and use a combination of prescription and non-prescription hormones to elevate, if necessary, your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, melatonin, thyroid, and oxytocin levels. Occasionally we will use a non-bioidentical (synthetic) hormone like Growth Hormone to achieve your goals. Browse through our hormone pages located on this website to learn more about Bioidentical Hormones and how they might help you. 



Hormones, Fat Burning Foods, God-made Foods,

Detoxification and Liver Optimazation

If you are interested in living long and finishing strong, we invite you to browse through our website. When you begin The Mac Protocols, you have committed yourself to a more youthful life and lifestyle. Nearly everything we do is natural, low dosing and with very low risk. Consultations are always free either in person or by telephone. We invite you to either meet or speak with the doctors and staff. We are a casual, fun, passionate group. We are all about improving everyone's quality of lives. Most importantly listen to our past patients. They are our walking billboards. If you need a little more information, this website is a good starting point. Read the pages that interest you and then give us a call. Better yet, you can schedule yourself for a free consult right here on our website by utilizing our online scheduling system and remember your initial consultation is always free. 

lose 30 lbs in 30 days

The Macs are Internationally Known Health Optimization Coaches. They are certified in anti-aging and functional medicine. They have chosen careers that specialize in weight loss and hormone optimization. The Mac Institutes are our physical locations. They are integrative medical clinics that have Medical Doctors, Natural Doctors and Chiropractors on staff. The Macs are a husband and wife team whose mission in life is to spread the word of God made over man made sustenances. Due to their busy schedule caused by a great demand for their services, you must first schedule a phone consult. If they feel that they can help you, then a physical/virtual one on one consult can be scheduled. It may take weeks to receive an appointment. Call today to begin the process.

Lab Work

The Macs use a variety of tests. You can expect to have some test performed before meeting them. The Macs understand that many of their clients live long distances and have acquired tests that can be done in the convenience of your own home by you. 


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