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Why Can't I Lose Weight?

The Secret to Rapid Weight Loss

The Heart & Soul of The Mac Diet

Micronutrients a key to weight loss!

The Mac Diet

Eliminate Abdominal Fat!


"It has been proven over and over that you only live as long as your waist is small!"

Dr. Mac

The HOPE Diet

A Medically Supervised Rapid Weight Loss System

Our offices are located in Los Gatos, Modesto, and Dublin, California.

The Macs are very excited to be offering a proven system that not only causes effective weight loss but at the same time optimizes your life. Their programs are designed to make you thinner and energize you, make you healthier and motivate you, make you happier and excite you. While on any of The Mac Programs, The Macs will personally be coaching you. They will walk you through each step teaching you the intricacies of their programs. The first tier of their protocol is their very popular rapid weight loss system, The Mac Diet. 

The Macs are available to their clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week by text. You will have their personal cell phone numbers and they will be at your finger tips to answer any and all your questions at the moment you need an answer. 

Over the last few years, the Macs have opened and filled to capacity seven hormone replacement weight loss centers in Northern California.  They now have inquiries worldwide for their weight, health and life optimization programs.

After helping thousands of their clients lose tens of thousands of pounds the one certainty they have found is that everyone is different. Everyone has different hormones, chemistries and personalities. This is why their program is designed to be customized for you and your individuality. While on The Mac Diet, you literally should be losing fat on a daily basis. If you do not lose weight for two days, they do not panic. If you do not lose weight for three days, they panic. Since the program is customizable, Dr. Mac has had to develop over 30 components to resolve individual set points, weights where you may stall. This website will not bore you by explaining all of its different components but it will introduce you to several of the most important concepts of The Mac Diet.

As a community service, The Macs are offering a very special Life Optimization workshop at no cost to the next 10 registrants. It will be held at The Springfield Suites in Modesto on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 5:30 pm. There is limited seating so please register early.


The Primary Components of The Mac Diet

An Effective Weight Loss System


Hormone Optimization

"You can't burn fat, if you don't have any fat burning hormones!"

Dr. Mac

Most of clients that enter the offices of the Macs complain of a condition called weight loss resistance. Weight loss resistance is defined as the inability to lose weight no matter what you do. You join the gym, you cut your calories and you gain two pounds. This is caused by an imbalance between your fat storing and fat burning hormones.

Fat cells contain enzymes that converts testosterone and progesterone into estrogen. Estrogen is a fat storing hormone. Testosterone and Progesterone are fat burning hormones.  As your body fat percentage increases, your fat makes more and more estrogen and estrogen makes more and more fat, so as fat increases, estrogen increases and that makes you store more fat which makes more estrogen. You get the picture.

The first step of The Mac Diet is to increase your fat burning sex hormones, (testosterone and progesterone). This will eliminate estrogen's dominance. It is very important to note that hormone balancing or better said optimization will not make you lose weight. Hormone optimization will give you back your ability to lose weight.

When Insulin Goes Up, Fat Goes Up

When Insulin Goes down, Fat Goes Down!

"Insulin is the strongest fat storing hormone in the body. The modern diet loves to spike insulin and loves to keep our insulin levels high. The more we spike insulin and the higher our insulin levels are the more we store fat."

Dr. Mac

Dr. Mac discovered it wasn't the amount of calories you ate, but the food you ate that made you fat. THE MAC DIET IS NOT A COLORIC RESTRICTED DIET! THE MAC DIET IS A FOOD RESTRICTED DIET! "The Great American Diet," which we have sadly given to the whole world, loves to spike insulin and keep insulin high. Let's say we eat "The Great American Breakfast," a bowl of cereal. The Macs don't care if its the high fiber all natural organic type, with the milk and banana, it's over a thousand calories of nearly pure sugar. This will cause your blood sugar to rise. The increase in blood sugar will cause your insulin to be stimulated.

Insulin's job is to clear the blood of this increased blood sugar, glucose. It attaches to the receptor sites of the muscle and fat cells and opens the doors to these cells to allow the blood sugar to pass into the cell. The problem is the cell doesn't need the fuel. You are sitting reading this right now, not running a marathon.  The cells will convert the blood sugar into storage forms of fuel. It will store some of the glucose as glycogen. This is a small amount for emergencies like flight of fight.  The rest is converted into triglycerides, fat.As insulin does it job and clears the blood of the sugar, the blood sugar levels decrease and the stimulation of insulin production decreases.

Once the blood sugar levels reach normal, 70 to 80 mg/dl, insulin is at a low. This causes insulin's brother, sister, hormone to be released by the alpha cells of the pancreas, insulin is released from the beta cells of the pancreas. This hormone is called glycogen. Glycogen does the same thing as insulin.  It attaches to the same receptor sites as insulin and opens the same doors.  But this time it says, give me the storage forms of glucose, the glycogen and triglyceride. Glycogen releases the stored fat to be turned back into glucose.

The problem is that "The Great American Diet" keeps blood sugar levels high-usually above 100. This keeps insulin high so glycogen is never activated. What this means is that once the glucose is stored as fat, it never gets released. It's stuck! The Mac Diet is a food restricted diet designed to decrease insulin and increase glycogen. The problem with "The Great American Diet" is that we eat to many calories, eat to many high carbohydrate meals, and snack to often.

The Mac diet has one more very important trick up its sleeve. Our diet is designed to cause a lot of fat to be released. This causes a back up at the liver. The liver switches from making glucose to ketone bodies. Once the ketone bodies increase to a nice level, the brain switches from using glucose as its fuel to using ketone bodies. Once this happens gluconeogenesis, the formation of glucose from breaking down our muscle, stops. That means that at this point forward we burning nearly pure fat!

You will not be hungry!

The combination of your fat burning hormones increasing, the mobilization of your fat caused by the insulin glycogen connection, and the food restricted diet causes hunger to disappear. If you are hungry, which is rare, The Macs will tweak the diet to normalize blood sugar levels. (Hunger usually indicates that you have an insulin problem, meaning your insulin levels are too high and your blood sugar too low. The Macs will adjust the diet to lower insulin levels even more so and therefore decrease hunger.)


The Perfect Diet

"Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You can't stay on your old diet, it's not working. Guess what? It won't work the second time either."

Dr. Mac

Research has found that you can break any habit if you quit for 21 days. That includes drugs, alcohol and food. Research also states that you can develop a new habit, if you do it for 21 days. The Mac Diet will break you of "The Great American Diet" of sugar, salt, fat and processed foods all sprinkled with toxins and replace it with a diet made of whole, plant based, God-made, REAL FOOD. We will do this for forty-two days. The habit of eating "The Perfect Diet" will cause you to live long and finish strong.

The Mac Diet is a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory, micro-nutrient dense, gluten free, high fiber and lean animal protein diet. 

What if I am diabetic?

Dr Mac is a diabetic so were his parents and all 15 of his aunts and uncles. He knows all about diabetes. Dr. Mac at one time took over eight pills from the three groups of diabetic medications every day. He manages his diabetes through food restriction today. He originaly developed The Mac Diet to manage his diaetes. 

The Macs have found that blood sugar is not the problem. It's insulin! Conventional medicine treats blood sugar levels, but research shows that treating blood sugar with medications will not extend your life. Only lifestyle changes will increase a diabetic's life at the same time greatly improving the quality of your life. 


"The problem we face today, is that even if we think we are eating good foods we're not. If you buy a tomato at your chain grocery store, there is a good chance that it hasn't ever seen a ray of sun or been planted in soil. It's had chemicals placed on it so it doesn't have to fend for itself. It's probably been genetically modified to grow in weeks and was picked several weeks ago when it was green. Most store bought tomatoes remind me of a girl I used to date in college. She was sure pretty, but there wasn't much upstairs."

Dr. Mac

The Mac Diet is a micro-nutrient dense diet. Micro-nutrients are God's little soldiers that were put on this planet to eliminate pro-inflammatory toxins. These micro-nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. The Macs have you eat lots of vegetables and a little bit of fruit.

Micro-nutrients are phytochemicals like polyphenols, carotanoids and bioflavanoids. These detoxifying agents will cleanse you of inflammatory toxins. The Macs will have you eat, as much as possible, organic, fresh, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. They also want you to eat cruciferous vegetables at least once a day. These vegetables have an enzyme in them that detoxifies the liver. The next thing they want you to do is drink lots of alkaline water. Alkaline water will help with detoxification and decreasing inflammation.

Liver Optimization.

Most people do not realize how important the liver is to losing weight. The liver is charge of all fat burning. In fact, the liver is in charge of nearly all the fat burning hormones. Americans have lousy livers. To optimize fat loss we must optimize the liver.

Dr. Mac

The Mac Diet uses a combination of nutraceuticals that will detoxify and rejuvenate the liver. In most cases The Macs will have you take a liver optimization supplement or injection. The nutraceuticals will include Methionine, Inositiol, and Choline. When these are combined together, they are lipotropic. They burn the fat our of the liver. You will also be taking vitamin B-12. Damaged livers cannot store B-12 and it is essential for energy especially when you are on a VLCD. You will also be supplied with Vitamin D-3. Studies show that people that have high vitamin D-3 levels lost 33% more weight than people with low vitamin D-3 levels on a VLCD. Therefore we will keep your Vitamin D-3 levels optimal throughout the entire program.

Physique Optimization

While you are on The Mac Diet you will doing exercises that will start shaping your new thinner body. These exercises will improve posture, balance, flexibility and endurance. Dr. Mac has developed this program to assist in keeping your skin tight, your muscles taut and add a gracefulness to your stature and walk.


The Macs have found that one of the most important parts of a diet is support. You will have complete access to The Macs. They have you text your daily weight and report the foods you ate. They will be your coaches and your motivators. Imagine having Tony Robbins as your motivator. Dr. Mac was once a motivational speaker who traveled the world. You will have his and Vicky's personal cell numbers. Dr. Mac fixes problems and Vicky, with her gourmet recipes, makes sure you have very few. Edification is the process of building up. The Macs will help you improve your body, your mind and your soul through their edification protocol. 


You have heard that diets don't work, especially crash diets. This is true. The reason is that dieters will lose muscle. You can't lose muscle. The Mac Diet is designed to lose fat and to preserve muscle. How:

  • Hormone Optimizaton to increase metabolism and muscle
  • Optimal Sustenance to increase longevity and health
  • Physique Optimization to increase flexibility and strength
  • Edification Optimization to offer 24/7 support and motivation

On The Mac Diet, you will lose fat not muscle and you will lose it from your fat storing areas, not from your skin, or breasts or the very important internal organ fat. You will lose fat from your belly and hips. the Macs have many clients that have lost over 100 pounds. None of them have skin sag because they do not lose their skin fat.  

Listen to These Testimonials

The law requires that we tell you that these are not typical results. 





Women average .5 to 1 lbs per day while on The Mac Rapid Weight Loss System 
Men average .75 to 1.5 lbs per day while on The Mac Rapid Weight Loss System


The Mac Team can be found in these cities:

Los Gatos, Modesto and Dublin

The Mac System is designed to eliminate abdominal fat with minimal muscle loss

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